Jun 08 2020

I’ve had a few different blogs over the years. Every so often, I change things. One of the nice things about having your own site is that you can do whatever you want! So, I’m folding my old blogs’ content into my main website. I’m sick of adding new subdomains, and it all feels better in one place these days. The old URLs will redirect to posts on steveklabnik.com, but I wanted to record what they looked like at the time.

My oldest blog that’s survived is Literate Programming. It looked like this:

untitled untitled 01 untitled 02

This was my own static site generator! I loved making that table of contents stuff over on the left.

Then, there’s words. This used Svbtle, which is a great platform. I liked the Meeple, and the red, and the Kudos button that made random internet people so mad for some reason. Anyway, it looked like this:

untitled 03 untitled 04 untitled 05

The kudos count does nothing, other than record that you did it. The style was really nice, it was easy to write Markdown. Then Medium got popular. Oh well.

Now, I’m writing this in Notion. I really, really like writing in Notion. Someone put together some code to use Notion like a headless CMS. Exactly what I wanted. I’ve modified it a bunch, I’m using I’m using concrete.css as the base of my look, for example. They’re using Next.js and Vercel. I’ve been a fan of those folks (and pretty much everyone in the JAMStack space, to be honest) for a while, so I’m giving that a go.

I think it’s going pretty good so far.