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Well well well, some things never change. Long ago, I hosted my own blog, and here we are again. I’ve moved everything over to Jekyll, if that means anything to you. You can now look at my blog on GitHub. Big thanks to this article for lots of help and pointers with final deployment stuff, and this one for haml and sass and stuff. Yay!

New-ish beginnings

So why’d I do this? Well, this is just part of moving more towards hosting all of my own services, and not relying on services that others provide. This isn’t some sort of argument over individualism vs. collectivism, it’s more about No More Sharecropping.

I’m still relying on people for hosting, of course. Nobody is 100% removed, but with my own backup of everything, I’m in total control here. It’s really minimal work to keep this going, and only a few hours of setup to move everything over.

A small change in focus, too

I’m also going to stop bitching about politics so often, and try to be more constructive in general. I have a lot to say about this new humanities angle that my life has taken as of late. Hence, I’ve changed the title of my blog. And you can expect more posts along those lines. More about books, more about art and code, less whining. One may think I’m maturing or something…