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Right now, I’m having a bit of a ‘darkness before the dawn’ kind of moment. I feel like I might soon start to become productive again.

It’s sort of strange, how these things travel in waves. Just a month or two ago, I was super-ultra-crazy productive. I was working on Hackety, coding Bindlr, writing three days a week on the blog, and more. This doesn’t even count the more-than-a-full-time CloudFab. But lately, all I’ve wanted to do was hang out and play video games.

It seems like this is a cyclic kind of thing. I think 80 hour weeks, even of things that you love, is kind of unsustainable. It was lots of fun, and I was feeling pretty good while I was doing it, but now that I’m off that horse, it’s really hard to get back on.

In any case, here’s the status of some of the stuff I’ve been up to, if you’ve been wondering:

This post is kind of random, and I apologize. I’ve got a good mix of technical things, book reviews, and social commentary waiting in the wings.

I’m excited for what June will bring.