On the eve of #m1gs

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Walking down the street, a woman cries for help. She’s blind, and the curb is large, and she’s unsure of herself. Knowing it’s not safe, she seeks the help of a stranger to guide her on her way. Three or four people pass by, but then someone stops, gives her their arm, and guides her safely to her destination.

HOOOONK!!! A large truck is blocked from going down the street. A Lexus with out-of-state-plates is in the way, and the driver is standing outside of the car, looking agitated. A passer-by stops to ask if they can help, and the man frantically tries to explain. His English is poor, but not that poor, but due to the stress of the situation, he’s losing his words. Luckily, the stranger speaks a little of his native tongue. The astute observer would notice that this tiny bit of familiarity causes a massive change in demeanor in this chaotic moment. 311 is called, a translator is found, and the man will be able to move his car soon.

These moments, these tiny acts of selflessness and mutual aid, are what revolutions are truly made of.