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WANTED: Proletarian/petite bourgeoisie looking for capitalist/industrialist/haute bourgeoisie. I’ve got the labor power, you’ve got the money commodity. Let’s exchange commodities at full market value in accordance with the Law of Value; I know you’ll extract some surplus and alienate my species-being, but I really need to regenerate and reproduce myself so that I can be around to labor tomorrow.

Yes, that’s right, I am officially looking for work. I loved my job at Jumpstart Lab, but all good things must come to an end. So here we are. There’s a farewell post on the JSL blog too.

So, what’s next? To be honest, I’m not fully sure. I’m open to suggestions, and I give bonus points for interesting.

Things I want out of life:

  1. Travel. I still like doing this. I just don’t want to do it constantly.
  2. Related: some degree of location independence. I’ll only accept positions that require me to be in a seat that’s in San Francisco or New York City. Remote would be even better. Probably.
  3. Piles of money. I have student loan debt I’d prefer not to have.
  4. Side project ability. I am highly motivated by doing side projects that are different than I do all day.

… I’m not saying that Ruby is a minus, but I’m not saying it’s a plus, either.

I’m also open to re-locating out of the country. That certainly counts as interesting.

So, if you think we might work well together, please, send me an email.