I'm deleting my Facebook tonight

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Well, it’s the end of the web as we know it. I’d already been thinking about this all weekend, and last night, I decided. I just can’t deal with Facebook’s crazy privacy stuff anymore. I mean, I already basically forked Twitter over their ToS, and Facebook has been a lot more evil for a lot longer. Frictionless sharing is pretty much the last straw.

I’ll be using this as an excuse to keep helping out with the federated web. There’s a lot of cool stuff in this area, but it needs help. If you’re a developer, consider helping out with the Locker Project or the Homesteading Project. The only way that we can prevent people from becoming digial sharecroppers is by helping them to ‘own their own land.’

If we’re Facebook friends, you can always find out how to reach me at http://steveklabnik.com. Please be careful, and consider if Facebook’s privacy settings are really worth it to you. They may be, and they may not. I’m under no illusions that the vast majority of people will give up Facebook, but I figured I’d warn you anyways.