Goals for 2011

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This year I’m happy to report that I have much more upbeat plans than last year’s kind of sad post. With that said, here’s my 2011 goals:

Most of these are kinda standard. I used to go to the gym all the time, but I’ve never eaten healthily. Both of these things are going to become more important as I age, however, and so I’m starting to actually give them serious consideration.

Hackety Hack had an impressive 1.0 launch, but I have lots of work to do. Please check out the Hackety Hack blog tomorrow for a report on that. Basically, I now have a sizable userbase to attend to, and they’ve found a bunch of bugs that I need to iron out before starting to build more stuff.

The logging is an idea that I got from Sebastian Marshall. We’ve had some good conversation recently, and we talked briefly about the importance of measuring things. You can only improve things if you know what’s actually wrong… I’m going to be tracking the time that I do various activities, and seeing if I can improve. If I feel this is working, I’ll write about it in a month or so.

I’ve already made some progress on all of these, actually. Obviously, most of them can only truly be realized in a year’s time, but here’s what I’ve got going:

So, that’s it! Good luck with your goals in the new year!