For science: I'm killing my cell phone

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Yep. Doin’ it. This morning I swung by the Sprint store and picked up a 4G hotspot. Gonna transfer my number to Google Voice this evening.


Yep. I’m terribly addicted to my phone right now. This is fine, but I’m always interested in improving myself. I have a few friends who’ve done similar things, and really enjoyed it. So I’m giving it a solid 6 months. Sometimes, experiments work, and sometimes they don’t. I’m doing this for fun more than anything, and so it might not work out. Google Maps is damn handy.

So I can’t call you?

Naw, it just means there might be a tad more latency. I’m on my computer all the effing time anyway, so I doubt that you’ll really notice. If someone calls when I’m not at my computer, Google will just take a recording and email me the transcript. No biggie.

Yeah, well, have fun with that!

I will. And I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes. I plan to do a retrospective monthly.

EDIT: I had to change my number because Google Voice wouldn’t transfer my old one. So get a hold of me some other way, and I’ll give you the new one.