Draper 1.0.0.beta1 release

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I’m happy to announce the release of Draper 1.0.0.beta1 today. If you use Draper, I’d appreciate you checking out the beta release in your app, kicking the tires, and letting me know what’s up.

You can get it by installing it from Rubygems:

$ gem install draper --pre

or by putting it in your Gemfile:

gem "draper", "1.0.0.beta1"

Notable changes include:

And many small bug fixes and refactorings.

Before the actual release of 1.0.0, I want to improve documentation and handle a few other things, but we currently have no confirmed and one possible bug in Draper as it stands, so your feedback as I clean up these last few things would be excellent. Please file issues on the tracker if you find anything.

Thank you! <3 <3 <3