Dec 01 2015

There are few things I appreciate more than using software projects that have good documentation. When I’m new to the project, documentation is invaluable for helping me get going. When I’m not new, good documentation helps me get the information I need to :shipit:.

We say programming is hard, and we hate bad code. So we practice writing code.

We say writing docs is hard, and hate bad docs…

— Some(@steveklabnik) (@steveklabnik) November 30, 2015

About a month ago, I was tweeting about this topic, and several of us came up with an idea: similar to how November is National Novel Writing Month, why not have a similar month for programming?

Here’s the idea: in December, let’s try to work on the documentation for the projects we work on. Make it 50k words like NaNoWriMo, make it 24 pull requests, whatever floats your boat. Your future self will love you for it.