Cards for dad - follow-up

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Hey everyone! It’s been a few weeks, and I wanted to update you guys on the card situation.

First of all, thank you so much. Every single one of you who sent cards, thank you! It was truly amazing to see so much support. I was even more surprised that I basically put my address on the internet and nothing particularly bad happened. Zero trolls. Restored some of my faith in humanity.

We ended up with about 500 cards. My dad is well enough to stay at home, but the chemo is pretty rough, so he has good days and bad days. I go home to visit about once a week, but we don’t really know how well and if it’s really working yet, so no actual understanding of how long he has. Regardless, it all made a big impact, so thank you again.

Here’s some pictures:

Oh, and I didn’t read very many of them personally, since they were for my dad, not for me. My parents read and cherished all of them, though. They said that you all said too many nice things about me, so thank you for all of that as well.